How long have the “bees” been there? 

Is the swarm on public or private property?

Where is the “bee” swarm, is it in a tree, fence, rafters in an old building or in the bushes?

What color are the “bees”? 

● Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association publishes an list of members who are available to retrieve honeybee swarms from many Whatcom County areas.  This is offered as a public service.  Please check our Beekeeper List to see that they service your area before calling.

● Honeybee swarms are generally docile and harmless if not disturbed.  Swarms occur in late spring and summer. A swarm is a dense cloud of flying bees which eventually settles in a tree or bush, then forms a tight cluster to stay warm and protect their queen.  They are in search of a new home after having left their old, overcrowded home.

● The sooner you call after sighting a swarm, the better the odds of capturing it. Leave the swarm for a beekeeper to deal with, or just leave it undisturbed and it will usually leave in a day or two.  A clustered swarm is just stopping temporarily as honeybees do not fly at night.

● Beekeepers will first ask a few questions to determine if the swarm consists of Honeybees.   Honeybees are golden with black stripes.   Wasps are bright yellow.

● Beekeepers may decline to capture a swarm if it’s in a dangerous location or inside the wall or roof of a building or are other types of bees, wasps or hornets.

If you believe you have a genuine honeybee swarm that needs immediate attention, scroll down for the Beekeeper Swarm list to find a beekeeper who catches swarms in your area.

Honeybee Swarm Capture Contact List

Arnold Allen
509-844-8233N. Whatcom CountyNo
Miguel Boriss360-483-7892Bellingham + 5 miles outsideNo
Russell Deptuch
"Bees Choice Honey"
360-815-3989Whatcom CountyNo
Daryl Hill
360-319-6099Whatcom CountyNo
Les Scott
360-303-0396Bellingham, Whatcom CountyPossibly
Teddy McFall
956-533-0628Custer, Ferndale, LyndenNo
Nick Molenda
Nick 360-920-6478
Lucy 360-961-5738
Everson, NooksackNo
Jim Trowbridge
360-220-1435Whatcom County South of Smith Rd.No
Jon Moore360-647-8839Everson AreaNo
Christopher Kazimer360-393-1338 or
Whatcom CountyYes