Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association Board Meetings

Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association Board and Officers meet on a monthly basis.

The MBBA board is responsible for overseeing the organization’s activities by meeting to discuss and vote on the affairs of the the Association.

The Board alway welcomes comments from General Member or Public comment. MBBA Board Members and Officers, are dedicated group of individuals, click here to see full list of current Board Officers.


Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association Board Meeting Minutes

Two of the 2020 MBBA Board’s goals is to encourage transparency and general membership participation. 

To facilitate transparency and encourage member participation, everyone will now be able to see items discussed and voted on during MBBA Board Meetings! 

Meeting DateMBBA Board Meeting Minutes
February 2020MBBA Board Meeting Minutes February 2020
March 2020MBBA Board Meeting Minutes March 2020
April 2020MBBA Board Meeting Minutes 4.8.20 (1)
May 2020MBBA Board Meeting Minutes 5.20.20