Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association Bylaws

Mt. Beekeepers Association (MBBA) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote the management of and interest in honeybees for honey production and pollination.

MBBA Bylaws Article 2: AIMS and OBJECTIVES

The specific aims and objectives of the MBBA are as follows:

  1. to educate beekeepers, prospective beekeepers and the general public about apiculture,
  2. to promote sustainable beekeeping and science based management practices,
  3. to protect honeybees,
  4. to promote synergistic relations with other beekeeper, horticultural, agricultura organizations,
  5. to advance good relations between beekeepers and the public.

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Beekeeping Laws and Regulations

State laws and regulations relating to honey bees and beekeeping are designed primarily to control bee diseases. Therefore, they usually attempt to regulate movement and entry of bees, issuances of permits and certificates, apiary location control and quarantine, inspection, and methods of treating diseased colonies. A. S. Michael. Beekeeping in the United States, Agriculture Handbook Number 335. 2015, pages 161-167. 

Disclaimer: To educate beekeepers, prospective beekeepers and the general public about apiculture, MBBA makes every effort to provide information regarding beekeeping, however we assume no responsibility in providing this information. We encourage individuals to contact your local regulatory authorities and government for the most current information available.

Helpful Links with Legal Information

Washington State Legislature RCWs 
Apiaries Chapter 15.60 RCW
Honey, standards and marketing Chapter 69.28 RCW
Honey bee commission: Chapter 15.62 RCW
Liability for acts or omissions RCW 15.60.250
Registration of hives RCW 15.60.021

Bellingham Municipal Code
Keeping animals in the city – General regulation 7.12.060