Mount Baker Beekeepers Association

December MBBA Meeting

Meeting Date: Wednesday, December 20th
Time: 7-9 PM
Place: Gateway Centre Suites 1313 E. Maple St, Bellingham, WA, Ste. 301, The Rainier Room

Meeting Agenda:  This is our annual Holiday Meeting.  We’ll have a short demo and talk about a winter beekeeping issue, then head right into the holiday festivities noted below.  Watch this space for further developments.

Holiday Beekeepers Auction!
A fun fund-raiser for MBBA:  bring your surplus beekeeping items, artwork, bee books, you name it.  We’ll auction it off during the meeting.  This has been a real crowd pleaser in past years. Most of us have stuff laying around the honey house we no longer use, but could be of value to someone else.  Some folks leave with treasures, some scratching their heads. Bee not dismayed if you return home with the item you brought.    No bees, please.

Last names A-M, bring something festive to share, please.  We’ll break early to schmooze, enjoy holiday refreshments and talk bees!
Everyone is welcome.  Happy Holidays!

I’d like to learn more about beekeeping, where should I start?