Mt Baker Beekeepers Association

Our Monthly Meeting  –  April  2018

Meeting Date: Wednesday, April 18th
Meeting Time: 7 PM
Bee-ginners Chat:  6:00 PM
Place: Gateway Centre Suites
1313 E. Maple St, Bellingham, WA, Ste. 301, The Rainier Room

Meeting Agenda

Bee-ginner Chat:  6:00 PM   New-Bee, Wanna-Bee or Low Mileage Beekeeper?  We’re here to help for a whole hour before the meeting.    

Meeting Starts:  7:00 PM

Royalty Determination in Honey Bees:  Master beekeeper and biologist Hubertus Kohn presents a very short, basic introduction of the role of Genetics and Epigenetics  in the metamorphosis, (developmental changes in form and structure), from a hatched embryonic larva to a honey bee queen.  Essential for everyone working with bees.  That’s all of us!

Bee Talk:  That’s what MBBA is all about:  local beekeepers helping each other, staying in touch, spreading the tricks of successful beekeeping.  We’ll spend the rest of the meeting talking bees.  Bring your questions and insights.  The floor is all yours!

Refreshments Fuel Bee Talk!
Last names N-Z, please bring something tasty to share, food or drink. We’ll try to break early enough to schmooze and make deals!  Bee Happy, Bee Munching!

“Bee Tips”


MBBA President Daryl Hill

With spring getting closer and the weather warming up, the bees will be more active inside the hive and will be consuming more resources. If you don’t have a candy board on top of your hive, make some hardened sugar patties to place near the inner cover vent-hole. I’ve been making hand-sized patties of sugar 3/4” thick and putting them on the inner covers ever since my oxalic treatments in December. I also put a 1” wide strip of pollen patty up there. It’s getting eaten too.

You can gauge the activity level in the hive by how fast this sugar patty disappears. In early January it took a couple weeks, Now it’s gone in half that time.

To make sugar cubes:   A few cups of sugar, slowly add just enough water to make a stiff mix. Then I wrap patties in newspaper and roll them out to an even thickness on a cookie sheet. Place on a heating vent overnight. By morning you’ve got nice, hard sugar patties. Don’t worry that you made the worlds ugliest sugar patties. Starving bees aren’t too particular.

A candy board places a bunch of food where bees can get at it any time they need it. It’s a good over-wintering practice, but if you didn’t get around to making one, these handy sugar patties might help your hive over the hump. Sweet!

Best of luck with your Bees, Daryl

See you at the meeting!


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