Mount Baker Beekeepers Association

November MBBA Meeting

Meeting Date: Wednesday, November 15
Time: 7-9 PM
Place: Gateway Centre Suites
1313 E. Maple St, Bellingham, WA, Ste. 301, The Rainier Room


Build Your Own Wind Breaks: MBBA Member Ruthie Danielsen will describe her innovative method of building wind breaks for hives. Great photos illustrate her talk. Ruthie nailed it on this one!

Winter Oxalic Treatment: An effective way to treat for Varroa Mites in the middle of winter, Oxalic Acid Vaporization. How to do it from beginning to end, step by step.


Last names N-Z, bring something to share, please.  We’ll break early to schmooze, enjoy refreshments and talk bees!
Everyone is welcome. Come on down!

I’d like to learn more about beekeeping, where should I start?